Mother and Baby Unit, 2020
Rombo Health Centre, Kenya

Rombo Health Centre serves around 30,000 people. The original maternity unit on site had no rooms for private examination or consulting, no laboratory and no waiting area. Women attended on certain days but had to wait outside for hours to be seen, in all weathers. The clinic currently sees approximately 180 women a week, but some were unfortunately turned away due to the limited resources. This discouraged many women from attending the maternity clinic, especially if they had to travel while pregnant and with their children. This means that many women were not receiving the necessary pre-natal and post-natal care for themselves and their new born baby.

In 2020, we constructed a new, larger Mother and Baby Unit in partnership with Light of Maasai. The unit provides three main services:
1. Mother and Baby Clinic - A large hall hosts a range of clinics for pre and post-natal care, monitoring the health of pregnant women, their unborn babies and children of up to 2 years, including immunisation services.
2. Community Health Education – The hall is also used for free community education sessions, exploring and teaching topics such as Health, Sanitation, FGM, Hygiene and Nutrition.
3. Sexual Health Clinic - An HIV and STI testing room, a counselling room, an office and a pharmacy for dispensing free Antiretroviral drugs and STI treatment.

Next, we hope to construct a small operating theatre at Rombo Health Centre for emergency caesareans and other procedures.

Colin Davies School, 2019
Kajiado South, Kenya

Colin Davies Secondary School is the only school in its area which will enrol students who achieve Grade C and lower at their end of primary exams. They also accept many children who cannot afford to go elsewhere thanks to their scholarship programme. Despite this inclusivity Colin Davies is one of the area’s best performing schools, attaining ‘most improved school’ for 2017.

The demand for places at this school increases all the time and the school does not have the classroom capacity to match the number of its incoming pupils. On our first visit, the average student:teacher ratio was 90:1.

In partnership with the Light of Maasai, we have constructed two 45-seater classrooms at the school to allow for the new, increased intake in 2020/2021 and to reduce overcrowding. ocedures.

Trinity Angels Children’s Home
Bohol, Philippines 2016 - 2018

Child abandonment is one of a number of problems affecting the plight of children in the Philippines. This lifesaving orphanage on the island of Bohol provides a home and dedicated care for infants who have been abandoned at birth.

These children have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the most distressing circumstances.
One of their admissions was put in a zipped up bag and abandoned by the side of a highway. Another was discovered by a passing taxi driver who found him buried alive in a disused latrine. Many more of these infants have been discovered in equally shocking circumstances. The orphanage is full and has reluctantly been unable to admit referrals over the last 3 years because of the lack of space.

BuildAid is addressing the critical need to increase their capacity and improve conditions in the existing accommodation space. The first phase of this project is the construction of a new children’s accommodation building with a 21 bed dormitory. This will effectively double the orphanages capacity. The next phase is the refurbishment of the existing facility which we will be undertaking this year.

With the help of our incredible regular supporters and the generosity of our trust partners and event sponsors, Trinity phase 1 has now been completed. We are now moving to Trinity phase 2/3 which will be undertaken in the autumn of 2017 through to December 2018.

Schools programme, Panglao, Philippines, 2016

Last year we completed projects at two primary schools in Panglao – Libaong and Danao. Danao school had suffered extreme earthquake damage and some children were having their lessons outside. With assistance from Rotary clubs in Hertfordshire and Essex, we built a double classroom for 40 children. At Libaong school, we built a nutrition building where underweight and malnourished children would get a free, hot meal everyday.

Schools Programme, Haiti 2011 - 2014

Extension and construction of school buildings, including providing computer labs and improvement of orphanages in Jacmel.

Rural healthcare centre, Haiti 2011 - 2014

Construction of new community healthcare facility building offering medical care to remote areas of Cap Rouge.

Rural Leprosy Hospital, Nepal 2009

Construction of new buildings housing isolation and general wards, and specialist imaging and maternity facilities in Lalgadh.

Schools programme, Sri Lanka 2005 - 2008

Refurbishment of schools following their use as refugee accommodation including new wells, toilets, classrooms and dental surgeries in Kalutara District.